Beyond Borders: Ship to UK & Switzerland

If the challenges of customs clearance, last mile delivery, and returns management have kept you from expanding into the UK or Swiss e-commerce markets – you need our guide.

We offer the first-hand expert insights you need to successfully clear customs and ship without any delays on the border. 

Our Beyond Borders guide contains detailed information on:

  1. The latest guidelines for UK customs clearance
  2. Insider information on local carriers, such as who offers the most affordable home delivery
  3. Hard data on the delivery preferences of British and Swiss online shoppers
  4. Practical tips for handling returns cost-efficiently

How to clear customs in the UK and Switzerland

Many e-commerce retailers shy away from entering valuable markets like the UK and Switzerland due to the challenges of customs clearance, taxes and duties, returns management, and more. But you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity to grow your business. Beyond Borders, the joint solution from Seven Senders and MS Direct, offers seamless customs clearance and shipping to the UK and Switzerland.

Read the guide for detailed information and practical tips on how to successfully clear customs and ship without any delays on the border!



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