Here are the top 3 reasons to offer out-of-home to your customers

Customer demand for visibility, flexibility and control of the delivery and returns experience is increasing. Make sure you offer a delivery method that suits them. 

As an online retailer, with out-of home (OOH), you can also: 

  • Save up to 25% costs Vs. home delivery

  • Increase your NPS by offering customers their favorite delivery option

  • Become more sustainable. Last mile emissions are reduced by up to 300 g of CO2 per parcel with out-of-home

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Top 3 reasons every European online shop should offer out-of-home 

How can you save costs, increase your NPS and become more sustainable by considerably reducing last mile emissions? The answer can be found in our free guide!

Out-of-home is beneficial for everyone: for you, your customers and carriers! Don't miss out and discover how Seven Senders can help you easily gain the full potential of OOH.


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