Environmentally friendly shipping pays off.

The new carbon-neutral shipping
from Seven Senders.

Ship the way 90% of your customers think: environmentally friendly. Switch to carbon-neutral shipping now. With 7SGreen from Seven Senders. 7SGreen offsets the transport-related carbon emissions of your shipments. With each shipment, you support climate protection projects. 

Send your shipments with 7SGreen and impress your clients with your climate-friendly actions. Get the free download now: everything there is to know about 7SGreen!

*Climate Awareness Report 2021


About Seven Senders

Seven Senders is the leading delivery platform for parcel shipping. The company connects shippers with its carrier network of over 100 parcel delivery companies in Europe, enabling them to use excellent local shipping as a competitive advantage.

Seven Senders

Thomas Hagemann

Founder and Co-CEO

"Consumers’ environmental awareness is greater than ever. And so are their expectations of companies. That’s why we came up with 7SGreen."