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Control delivery costs while growing sales in challenging times


  • What you have to change about your delivery strategy to overcome current challenges

  • How a multi-carrier strategy leads to more cost-efficiency –including on home delivery
  • Why you need to start offering out-of-home options for delivery and returns

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Your carrier setup guidelines for 2022 and 2023

Growing your e-commerce successfully demands the ability to operate cost-efficiently. In addition, customer purchasing decisions are driven increasingly by environmental concerns.

Our report details how to maintain reliable, customer-centric delivery and move toward meeting customers expectations regarding sustainability.

Learn how to:

  • Evaluate country by country what alternative carriers exist for cheaper home delivery
  • Spread volumes among carriers to save costs
  • Reduce costs and CO2 emissions by offering Out-of-home delivery and return options at checkout

About Seven Senders

Seven Senders is the leading delivery platform for parcel shipping. The company connects shippers with its carrier network of over 100 parcel delivery companies in Europe, enabling them to use excellent local shipping as a competitive advantage.

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